Reimagining Sales Using AI and Machine Learning with Adam Rubenstein

Adam Rubenstein is a serial entrepreneur, salesman, and sales manager. As an entrepreneur, he has centered all of his businesses around sales. While he will always use CRMs he wanted a better way to capture what matters most in sales — the human interactions. The conversations, the phone calls, the lunches.   Adam is Co-Founder and CEO of Traq365. A company that leverages AI to effortlessly convert sales conversations into objective buyer insights, improving sales processes and revenue projections, while accelerating B2B sales.  “I wanted technology to help my teams master the sales narrative. So I got my developers together and built a new sales tool for the future of sales. A system for mastering the human narrative in sales. Traq365 starts with a place to store your notes and emails, files, and recorded conversations. Then Traq365’s AI scans for opportunities, risks, tasks, highlights — things that are actionable, things that matter. And marks them as Insights.” - Adam Rubenstein Through machine learning, the more you work with Traq365, the smarter it gets. The Insights you create with the AI build a map of the narrative you create over time - with each prospect, for every sale...the ones you win, and the ones you don’t.” - Adam Rubenstein Key Points of our Discussion Overseeing sales conversations in a remote selling environment Reaching the buyer through over-crowded channels Getting more creative in prospecting and process Culture and professional development Some of Adams fundamental tips encouraged within his team How time-poor sales leaders can easily monitor sales calls AI and machine learning to gain valuable sales insights Creating more accurate forecasts leveraging AI Identifying and comparing characteristics of win/loss conversations Sales as a science vs sales as an art To learn more about Adam’s company, visit his website, and you can find him here on LinkedIn

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