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Future Skills

22: Create a Review File [For Your Work, Studies, Investing & Creativity]

av Future Skills | Publicerades 7/16/2018

This episode draws on an idea from Ludvig’s Ultimate Commonplace System. The Review File is like a virtual book summary book, only more extreme. It’s based on two learning methods: Spaced repetition and availability bias. Your Review File is where you collect all the best materials related to your work, studies, investing, creative project, etc… and you want to review it every now and then over the long-term to make sure the best ideas stick to your brain, and become internalized.

Om Podcasten

The podcast that gives you the business and career skills you need to future-proof yourself. Hosted by Mikael Syding, partner at Futuris, The European Hedge Fund Of The Decade, and Ludvig Sunstrom, author of Breaking Out Of Homeostasis We do 3 episodes: 1) short episode: big idea or practical tip. 2) long episode: in-depth discussions with scientists, businessmen and public intellectuals. 3) medium episode: Experts share their best ideas and how they use them to build skills, companies, relationships, or make money. Guests include: Martin Sandquist, Alexander Bard, Ola Ahlvarsson, Tyler Cowen, Seth Godin, Martin Ford, Dr. Philippa Malmgren, Annie Duke, Barry Schwartz, Erik Townsend, Walter Kiechel, and more...