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32. Walter Kiechel: A Life in Media (Part 1)

av Future Skills | Publicerades 9/24/2018

We talk to Walter Kiechel III.

This episode will be particularly interesting if you'd like to get into the media business and understand how it works.

Walter has more than 30 years of experience in the media industry; first as a business journalist, then as an author. Walter has served as the Managing Editor of Fortune Magazine and the Editorial Director of Harvard Business Publishing (which, of course, includes the famous Harvard Business Review). He’s also authored the two books “Lords of Strategy” and “Office Hours: a Guide in the Managerial Life.” 

In this episode we learn:

  • Walter’s background before getting into the media industry and the story of how he made the decision of going to work for Fortune Magazine, instead of taking a higher paying job at a large consulting firm.
  • How a big business publication or newspaper like Fortune Magazine runs.
  • How Walter stopped working for Fortune Magazine, pursued a so-called Portfolio Career and helped start perhaps America’s most successful business newsletter
  • Walter's career advice to someone who wants to get into the media business
  • What his first impression was of Bruce D. Henderson – and why he thought he was kind of mad…. But how, despite this, Bruce became supersuccessful by relying on his top 2 strengths and how he amplifying them. 
  • And finally, he tells us of his meeting with Bill Bain, the legendary founder of Bain & Company, and what set Bill Bain apart from all the other Lords of Strategy.


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