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38: Q&A with Listeners from our Newsletter

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Avsnittet publicerades: 11/5/2018

We answer questions from listeners on our newsletter. The following 11 questions are answered in the episode: 1) How can I change careers and become a real estate copywriter? 2) Will biotech become a big industry? Does Free Will exist? 3) Should you work in finance? How can I study better? How does one become a renaissance man? 4) What 3 top things would you recommend for business and career for a college freshman? 5) How do you develop an international career? ....

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The podcast that gives you the business and career skills you need to future-proof yourself. Hosted by Mikael Syding, partner at Futuris, The European Hedge Fund Of The Decade, and Ludvig Sunstrom, author of Breaking Out Of Homeostasis We do 3 episodes: 1) short episode: big idea or practical tip. 2) long episode: in-depth discussions with scientists, businessmen and public intellectuals. 3) medium episode: Experts share their best ideas and how they use them to build skills, companies, relationships, or make money. Guests include: Martin Sandquist, Alexander Bard, Ola Ahlvarsson, Tyler Cowen, Seth Godin, Martin Ford, Dr. Philippa Malmgren, Annie Duke, Barry Schwartz, Erik Townsend, Walter Kiechel, and more...