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The Airstayz Executive Team Discusses The Future of Hospitality with Blockchain

av Future Tech | Publicerades 6/8/2018

AIRSTAYZ™ - The next generation of booking pays you to STAY with a blockchain currently useful for travelers and hotels. AIRSTAYZ™ enables travelers to book online and skip the desk™, making each journey more convenient. Learn how this seasoned executive team is ready to disrupt the hospitality industry

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As 2020 begins the Future of Technology has everyone's eye on the horizon, technology is revolutionizing industries from financial services to supply chain, to IOT and healthcare. Capitalism is evolving. People are becoming increasingly conscious and hyper-aware of how their purchases affect others and Earth’s resources. Will this decade bring a shift from "me" to "we" with the rise of conscious consumerism?

In this show, host Matthew Loughran, EMBA talks with industry pioneers, technologists, humanitarians and CEOs across various industries about how the future of technology that will open up new opportunities to create new economies and shake up the status quo across the globe.