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Who can we trust? The future of protest movements

From climate change to political corruption and authoritarianism, leaders of protest movements share a common dilemma: how to achieve impact when existing parties and institutions cannot be trusted? Claus Leggewie talks with emerging leaders of European protest movements: Helena Marschall of Fridays for Future Frankfurt (Germany), Dóra Papp of aHang platform (Hungary) and Radu Vancu of the We See You movement in Sibiu (Romania). This discussion was recorded at the 30th European Meeting of Cultural Journals in Berlin, November 2019, at the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Subscribe to the podcast and leave a review so more people can find us. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter, so you’ll always know what’s worth thinking about: Support Eurozine from as little as €5 a month: Cover image from Pxhere CC0 Public Domain.

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