Culture Club with Marjon Carlos and Lucy Chadwick

For our second episode of Culture Club, our host, friend and journalist Marjon Carlos is joined by gallery owner Lucy Chadwick. Lucy is a big name in the art scene– after cutting her teeth at Tate Britain, then moving on to become the former gallery director at Gavin Brown's Enterprise an art gallery in New York City and Rome. Lucy was born in Britain into a creative family,  but is a real New Yorker at heart, however she recently traded the streets of Brooklyn for rural Southern France. Listen in to hear Marjon and Lucy catch up on how they've been getting their culture fix this past year and Lucy's new venture– opening an art gallery in her new home hometown in France.

Om Podcasten

For season 2 we introduce Culture Club - A lively podcast on pop culture. For each episode our host, journalist and creative consultant Marjon Carlos speaks to inspiring voices from the creative industries on what’s making them tick right now in contemporary culture. From the books they’re reading to the artists they love, and anything else they are consuming to feel motivated. Get your culture fix right here.