How are you Camille Charriere?

For our seventh episode of How are you?, we are calling up original GANNI Girl Camille Charriere. The london-based parisienne hosts her own podcast  called ‘Fashion No Filter’ - and with her 880K Instagram followers, Camille most definitely is an industry name to reckon with. We first met Camille back in the summer of 2014 at our first ever show on a secret tennis court in Copenhagen nd our friendship has grown over the past 6 years. Camille is always the first to join Ditte when dancing on tables. But don’t be mistaken by her social savvy appearance - she is just as capable of having an honest heart to heart when you are feeling down. 

Om Podcasten

For season 2 we introduce Culture Club - A lively podcast on pop culture. For each episode our host, journalist and creative consultant Marjon Carlos speaks to inspiring voices from the creative industries on what’s making them tick right now in contemporary culture. From the books they’re reading to the artists they love, and anything else they are consuming to feel motivated. Get your culture fix right here.