How are you Leandra Medine Cohen?

For our second episode of How are you, we wanted to check in with the Man Repeller herself – Leandra Medine Cohen,  the mastermind behind the company and the #oneleggedselfie. We’d say Leandra is one of the best people to call in times like these, because of her off the wall sense of humour, openness and relatability. Her commentary on everyday life provides us with much needed comic relief in between news updates during these complicated times.

Om Podcasten

For season 2 we introduce Culture Club - A lively podcast on pop culture. For each episode our host, journalist and creative consultant Marjon Carlos speaks to inspiring voices from the creative industries on what’s making them tick right now in contemporary culture. From the books they’re reading to the artists they love, and anything else they are consuming to feel motivated. Get your culture fix right here.