Garmology - A short introduction

av Garmology | Publicerades 5/21/2020

Episode zero, season zero. That awkward introductory placeholder where hopes and dreams are laid bare, where promises and ideas are given their initial run up the flagpole, all the while trying to make sure it sounds enticing enough to interest, but just in case it fails to deliver, not promising more than can be shrugged off if it fails. Yeah, this is that episode.

Om Podcasten

Garmology is a podcast about menswear, old and new, from a perspective of buying, wearing, collecting, evaluating and appreciating. With regular co-hosts and interesting guests, the aim is to provide a non-fashion view of what men might wear if they knew more about it. Expect plenty of opinions, but pretty much no mention of tailoring or pocket squares.  The pod is an offshoot of the WellDressedDad blog, established in early 2013. The reasoning behind adding the pod to the lineup is to allow a different venue for the all-important garment info to become available to garmsmen worldwide.