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10. Chartbeat's John Saroff on social analytics and the future of online publishing

av Geekout with Matt Navarra | Publicerades 1/30/2020

Ask staff at many of the world’s leading newsrooms what software they rely on the most and Chartbeat will be near the top of the list. John Saroff is CEO of Chartbeat, which means he has plenty of insights into the way online publishers — and their audiences —are evolving. John joins Matt Navarra and Martin SFP Bryant to talk about the changing habits of online publishers, the best ways to use social media to drive traffic and engagement to online brands, tips for smaller bloggers and publishers, and the future of Facebook’s often rocky relationship with the news industry. Meanwhile, Matt and Martin talk over the week’s news, share the latest tests and tools you need to know about, and Matt gets grumpy about the Martin’s attempts to sledgehammer Aretha Franklin and Sylvester lyrics into the end of the show. Geekout with Matt Navarra is sponsored by Pinterest. Inspire your audience and grow your company on Pinterest with a free business account. Learn more at News stories: Damian Collins is replaced as chair of the UK Parliament DCMS select committee Vine reboot Byte officially launches Starting the Decade by Giving You More Control Over Your Privacy (and why it doesn’t do what it says it does) In Quick Hits, we mention Instagram Addresses Questions on Algorithm, Comment Pods and Verification [Infographic] -- Follow Matt and Martin on Twitter: @MattNavarra and @MartinSFP Join the Social Media Geekout Facebook Group or discuss the show on Twitter using the hashtag #geekoutquestions. Geekout with Matt Navarra is a Big Revolution production. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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