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Sharell Bryant

Ruth and Tim sit down with the very talented Sharell Bryant! We talk about Sharell's stunning audio explorations on the web. As well as keeping motivated and on track with side projects, different ways to learn and grow, which tools you can utilize to help along the way! For those that don't know her, Sharell Bryant is a programmer and singer-songwriter in NYC interested in exploring the intersection of art, technology, and education. During the week she’s a Tech Lead Manager for the Web Platform team at Teachers Pay Teachers, a marketplace where educators can buy, share, and sell original resources, where she supports product engineers working on the front-end. On nights and weekends, you can find her playing with her guitar around the city or working on a creative coding project.

Om Podcasten

Tim and Ruth talk all things generative art and creative code! Hosts Ruth John & Tim Holman discuss generative art and, inevitably, creative coding. What it is? Where does it came from? How you do go about doing it? And if that's not enough, they interview extremely interesting people who do do it, to see how they do it too.