Learn German: Preparing for Emergencies

This episode exposes you to phrases, repeated in English and German, to improve your German vocabulary and help you to express yourself in German. These episodes are meant to accompany and accelerate your existing German language studies, whether you're using an app like DuoLingo, or you're enrolled in a more formal German class. The more you expose your brain to German audio, the faster you'll learn. View the full list of English and German phrases in this episode. Contact us with feedback and ideas: languagelearningaccelerator@gmail.com Phrases in this episode: Where is the nearest hospital? What is the emergency number for this area? Is there cell phone service there? Are there any common natural disasters around here? Is it wildfire season here? Are there earthquakes or tsunamis in this area? Where do people go in case of tsunami? Are there poisonous plants or animals in this area? How can we prevent encountering them? What do we need to bring in case of a bite or infection? A first aid kit is a necessity. We need to purchase bandages and a cleaning solution. We need to bring lots of water if we’ll be in a remote area. Do you have a way to purify water to make it drinkable? Is there anything else we should be aware of before we go? It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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If you're trying to think your way into learning German, you're doing it wrong.Learn German like you did English: by hearing a huge amount of it. (With at least a vague idea of what it means!)Thousands of German Phrases, along with the English translations, presented directly to your brain: from practical to philosophical to flirting.Just phrases, no filler!Go way beyond the German language basics to not just communicate, but actually become an interesting person in German.As an audio-only tool to learn German, it's a perfect companion for driving, walking, or house chores.This podcast is the perfect supplement for your current language studies, whether you're using an app like DuoLingo or are enrolled in a German class.If you’re a beginner, we recommend you use this tool in addition to a good German intro course like Michel Thomas.The German Learning Accelerator is created by language lovers and world travelers, for the love of language!Every episode has subtitles available. (If your podcast player supports it.)