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Series 1: Episode 4 - Samuel West, Lucy Lapwing, Sam Lee

av Get Birding | Publicerades 3/12/2021

During lockdown, we've become more aware of birdsong but can we recognise the birds we're hearing?  In this episode, Mya-Rose Craig explores how to identify different birds, from robins to wrens to blackbirds; why birds sing; what a dawn chorus is all about; and how birdsong makes us feel.Actor and keen birder Samuel West takes time out from filming the new series of All Creatures Great and Small to give top tips on how to learn birdsong, with his very own patch diary from Yorkshire. RSPB’s Lucy Lapwing, host of YouTube channel Birdsong Lessons, explains how to tell garden birds apart, whilst Get Birding listeners reveal the birdsong that stops them in their tracks. Jason Singh speaks to Mercury Prize nominated folk singer Sam Lee about his magical live woodland concerts “Singing with Nightingales” and his debut novel “The Nightingale: Notes on a Songbird” which tells the story of this endangered bird and its place in music and literature.Host: Dr Mya-Rose CraigMusic Host: Jason SinghGuests: Samuel West, Lucy Lapwing, Sam LeeProducer: Tom BonnettExecutive Producers: Jane Gerber & Katie DerhamProduction Manager: Cara GhoshalProduction Assistant: Louis FaceySponsors: Severn Trent Water & Swarovski OptikMusic from:Podington Bear - Sneaker ChasePodington Bear - Golden HourPodington_Bear_-_FluorescencePodington Bear - Delta“” - Platformer“” Happiness IsSam Lee and Lisa Knapp - Tan Yard SideSam Lee - Turtle DoveSam Lee - IMPROV SWNSound recordings from:Tony WhiteheadInChadneyVonoraSheyvanAcclivityErhDobroidePodcast art by Make ProductionsFollow Follow Samuel West at: @exitthelemmingCheck out Lucy's YouTube Channel at: @Lucy_LapwingTwitter: @Lucy_LapwingFind out more about Sam Lee's upcoming events at: with the Nightingales: Sam Lee's 'The Nightingale' here: out more about Severn Trent's biodiversity projects: Trent Water is committed to providing a secure supply of clean water across the Midlands. Looking after water means looking after the environment too. As a result, the organisation unveiled ambitious plans to improve biodiversity across the Midlands as part of its Big Green Nature Boost campaign, including reviving 12,000 acres of land (an area bigger than the size of Gloucester), planting 1.3 million trees and restoring 2000km of rivers across the Severn Trent region by 2027.  Find out more about Swarovski Optik: Optik, headquartered in Absam, Tyrol, is part of the Swarovski group of companies. Founded in 1949, the Austrian company specialises in the development and manufacturing of long-range optical instruments of the highest precision in the premium segment of the market. The binoculars, spotting scopes and optronic instruments are products of choice for demanding users. The company’s success is based on its innovative strength, the quality and intrinsic value of its products, and their functional and esthetic design. The appreciation of nature is an essential part of its company philosophy and is reflected commendably in its environment-friendly production and its long-term commitment to selected nature conservation projects. In January, Swarovski Optik announced Dr Mya-Rose Craig as a partner opinion leader for 2021; she will aim to inspire people from all backgrounds to learn more about the benefits of enjoying nature activities. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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Being in lockdown has unleashed our love for nature. Goats taking ownership of our streets, deer sleeping on town commons, birds and their song reclaiming our soundscape - a full wildlife drama happening every day in our gardens, streets and countryside for us all to watch. Get Birding is a podcast to help everyone, anywhere, discover more about the birds on our doorsteps.Hosted by 18 year old ornithologist and conservationist Dr Mya-Rose Craig, this entertaining, cross-generational series is aimed at beginners, families and diverse audiences living in both cities and countryside making birdwatching accessible to all through unique, inspired voices. In each episode, Mya-Rose is joined by a celebrity birdwatcher co-host to share their passion and knowledge with a how-to on birdwatching at home, demystifying this relatively inexpensive hobby that anyone can do.   See for privacy and opt-out information.