Get On The Money

How To Budget

av Get On The Money | Publicerades 6/9/2021

What can a charity for low-income families, teach you about managing your money? According to Des Lynch from Wood Street Mission, it’s about learning how to budget from an early age. Anthony is joined by Des for a chat about the impact of living below poverty line. Plus - you’ll hear why Anthony thinks Buy Now Pay Later schemes, should be treated with caution

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Get On The Money is a podcast to help you understand your money a little better. Every fortnight you're going to learn something new to help manage your money effectively.  Anthony Morrow is CEO and Founder of OpenMoney. He's on a mission to let people get the most out of their money. After 25 years in the finance industry he's sick of watching the rich get richer, whilst people who would benefit from advice don't have access to it. This podcast aims to change that.