What You Need To Start Doing Today If You Want To Be Ahead Of Everyone Else In 10 Years

Books by Brianna ➝ https://shopc.at/10-years Overcoming self-sabotage isn't just about letting go of our self-defeating habits. It is also about choosing new ones. In this episode, we discuss what steps you can start taking today to ensure that you'll be happy with where you're headed in a decade from now. This means everything from finding the right friend group to reading regularly to knowing that you "can't shrink your way to wealth." • Follow Brianna on Instagram • Sign up for Brianna’s weekly newsletter • Follow us on TikTok ⇢ @ThoughtCatalog @HoneyiDrip • Buy Thoughtful Books, Apparel, Home Decor & Other Creative Goods • Subscribe on iTunes • Subscribe on Spotify • Download our App

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"Get Out Of Your Own Way" is a podcast about overcoming self-sabotage hosted by Brianna Wiest.