When Self-Care Is Actually What's Holding You Back

Books by Brianna ➝ https://shopc.at/holding-you-back In this episode, we discuss the difference between what it really means to take care of yourself, and the ever-popular consumerism version of "self-care," and how it's actually just a means of avoiding the real problems in our lives. In the end, real self-care is the choice to build a life we do not need to escape from. • Follow Brianna on Instagram • Sign up for Brianna’s weekly newsletter • Follow us on TikTok ⇢ @ThoughtCatalog @HoneyiDrip • Buy Thoughtful Books, Apparel, Home Decor & Other Creative Goods • Subscribe on iTunes • Subscribe on Spotify • Download our App

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"Get Out Of Your Own Way" is a podcast about overcoming self-sabotage hosted by Brianna Wiest.