How Did You Learn About ADHD?— results from the ADHD Partner Survey

What was your “light bulb” moment—when you discovered the possibility of Adult ADHD for yourself or your partner? In this podcast, I share results from the ADHD Partner Survey—the most comprehensive study of Adult ADHD lifestyle issues, particularly as regards relationships. The survey question was:  “How Did You Learn Your Partner Might Have ADHD?” (read the original post at that link)ADHD Roller Coaster podcasts share the audio version of the most popular posts at my blog: ADHD Roller Coaster,  the longest-running website of any kind on Adult ADHD (since 2008). Support the showI love helping readers, listeners, and students understand the complexity of ADHD.Solving Your Adult ADHD Puzzle — online training for Adults with ADHD and loved ones, with the option of joining regular Zoom Q&A meetings with your peers. Come join us and speed your learning curve!Thanks for listening!Gina PeraAbout My WorkContact Me

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