Why A Support Group for the Partners of Adults with ADHD?

This podcast draws from a blog post at ADHD Roller Coaster. You can read the full post (and comments) here:    Why A Support Group for the Partners of Adults with ADHD?excerpt:A support group for the partners of adults with ADHD?  That struck many people as a strange concept in 2003, when I advanced it in the essay below. Here in 2022, the need remains puzzling to some—angering to others—including some mental-health professionals—even those with high-level adult ADHD expertise. That must change.By the way, ADHD Partner Group is still going strong, internationally. After 20 years, I've moved it to a modestly price group with a lot more features, including access to Zoom meetings with your peers.Support the showI love helping readers, listeners, and students understand the complexity of ADHD.Solving Your Adult ADHD Puzzle — online training for Adults with ADHD and loved ones, with the option of joining regular Zoom Q&A meetings with your peers. Come join us and speed your learning curve!Thanks for listening!Gina PeraAbout My WorkContact Me

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