Glass Onion: On John Lennon

Episode 60 - The Enigmatic John Lennon with Al Sussman

av Glass Onion: On John Lennon | Publicerades 1/22/2021

Al Sussman joins me for a freewheeling discussion of the enigma that was John Lennon and various other topics. Al is an author and also the long-time executive editor of 'Beatlefan' magazine. The conversation is preceded by your host showing some of the Beatles tricks and common chord structures on guitar. Enjoy! Feedback and voluntary Paypal donations to Facebook page- Twitter page you tube version Please (x many) like, follow, share, subscribe, rate, review etc… links 'Beatlefan' homepage 'Snodgrass' starring Ian Hart as John Lennon The host's film podcast Paypal link to help out the show The host 's bandcamp page, including a Glass Onion podcast package for purchase and 5 music albums

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A deep dive into the music and complex psychology of John Lennon, featuring interviews with such noted authors and podcasters as David Bedford, Dan Richter, Jude Kessler, Kit O'Toole and Ken McNab, as well as ex-Quarrymen bandmates Rod Davis and Colin Hanton