Episode 001: Global Nomad Hacks for the Global Citizen, Digital Nomad, Expat, Third Culture Families and Explorer

av GlobalNomadHacks | Publicerades 4/5/2020

Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste introduces her new show Global Nomad Hacks. This show will focus on the stories, secrets, challenges and joys of life as a global nomad, digital nomad, expat and third culture family, raising and being global citizens. In a world where global mobility is no longer a novelty or purely for pleasure for many, we are have much to share.

Om Podcasten

Global Nomad Hacks share stories and tips on life as a global nomad, digital nomad, expat, road warrior and supporting third culture families and global migration. We will also highlight great finds of products and services that support this increasing demographic as the world moves to remote work.