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3. Keri, the Hummingbird Whisperer?!

av Fresh Brews, Presented by Go Country 105 | Publicerades 4/14/2021

This week Keri and Tyler give their top five fav bingeworthy shows they watched during the pandemic. They also cover topics from basketball runway fashion to campaigns to save small businesses.

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Humor and a lot of witty banter is what you can expect when mom and son duo Keri and Tyler Seavey have a discussion about, well, anything! She may have raised him but he sure doesn't always think like her! Listen in as SoCal, Gen-X mom and her country-loving, millennial son share laugh-out-loud, relatable stories about family, pop culture, and life in general! Grab a cup of fresh-brewed coffee or an ice cold brewed beer and join them as they talk about all the things.