Måndagar Goblet Of Wine: A Drunken British Harry Potter Podcast

Ep 62 - Order of the Phoenix 12 & 13: Harry's Knife Kink

av Goblet Of Wine: A Drunken British Harry Potter Podcast | Publicerades 3/1/2021

Time for chapters 12 & 13 of OOTP! In today’s episode as a result of Charlie being a stupid bitch we’re drinking ‘Smokers Cough’ aka Jäger and Mayo, and ‘Prairie Chicken’ aka Gin, Raw Egg Yolk and Pepper. Yum. Once we finish vomming, we’re chatting about the absolute lack of chemistry between Cho and Harry, debating whether potions is hard, and Charlie does an incredible* Scottish accent. *it wasn’t incredible. Merch www.gobletofwine.co.uk   patreon.com/gobletofwine    Twitter.com/gobletofwinepod    Instagram.com/gobletofwinepodcast www.facebook.com/gobletofwinepodcast Tiktok @gobletofwinepod

Om Podcasten

Two British lifelong Harry Potter fans Hannah and Charlie re-read their favourite childhood book chapter by chapter with added alcohol and cynicism in fortnightly episodes! The perfect podcast for HP fans who want to revisit the story through an adult lens (AKA, NSFW), and with the added bonus of British accents, Hannah and Charlie lovingly tear apart the books pointing out plot holes, anti-feminist moments, transphobia, fat phobia, and most of all...dick jokes. A unique combination of intelligent literary criticism one minute, and drunken chaos the next, join us on our reminiscent journey.