The Pineapple Problem

The pizza party continues, but this time Katie and Danielle bring the heat for real--that's right, it's an episode dedicated to pineapple on pizza and all the reasons it's right and all the reasons it's wrong!  Don't forget that you can make sure all your pizza is the best with the help of Katie Parla and Dan Richer's NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Joy of Pizza--pick up your copy from your local bookshop! Remember to follow @katieparla and @drcallegariscabinet and look out for new episodes of Gola coming hot and fresh soon! Be sure to subscribe / like / tell your friends and become a Patron at! --- Support this podcast:

Om Podcasten

Gola is a podcast on Italian food & beverage & how it connects to history, culture & society. Listen as co-hosts Katie Parla--Rome-based journalist and cookbook author--and Danielle Callegari--professor of Italian at Dartmouth College--break down all your fave Italian bites. They'll take you along for the ride as they talk about buffalo mozzarella, 'nduja, nucillo (aka nocino) & more! Don't be scared if the subject of medieval witchcraft comes up. Go with it! Contact Katie and Danielle at or send some cash to help them keep up the pod!: Support this podcast: