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Good Life Project

How to Live a Good Life

av Good Life Project | Publicerades 1/9/2020

What is a good life and how do we live it? In today's special episode, Jonathan Fields debunks the three Good Life Lies, then shares a simple, yet powerful model - the Good Life Buckets - that'll help you begin crafting and living your best life. Not someday, but today. For a much more in-depth look at the Good Life Buckets, along with 10 specific ways to fill each, check out Jonathan's book How to Live a Good Life. SPECIAL ALERT: This is the second installment in our 3-episode "Good Life Launch Pack." Last Thursday, in our episode entitled "To Succeed at Anything, Do This," we shared a game-changing achievement framework designed to help you accomplish big, meaningful goals, dreams and visions. If you haven't yet listened, check it out once you're done with this episode. We've actually learned that last week's episode did not load properly into many people's podcast apps, so if you didn't see this, be sure to go back into the show's main page and download it. And, be sure to subscribe so you don't miss next week's final Good Life Launch Pack installment, which will focus on how to reclaim and reimagine your work as a source of meaning, joy, potential, and expression. Translation - how to find, do or create work that makes you come alive!   Check out our offerings & partners:  Ethos is a faster, easier and affordable way to get life insurance. Get a fully personalized quote by going to ethoslife.com/goodlife Grove: For a limited time, go to Grove.co/GOODLIFE to get a FREE FIVE PIECE Cleaning Set from Mrs. Meyer and Grove - a $30 value ZipRecruiter: Right now, you can try ZipRecruiter FOR FREE at this exclusive web address: ZipRecruiter.com/GOOD Have you discovered your Sparketype yet? Take the Sparketype Assessment™ now. IT’S FREE and takes about 7-minutes to complete. At a minimum, it’ll open your eyes in a big way. It also just might change your life.

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