Avsnittet publicerades: 2/11/2018


Whymusty is a curious little Goop that can’t stop asking why? One night he asks the moon why he is red and the moon takes Whymusty on an adventure into the Canadian Rockies where he meets a weasel named Raffles and is hunted by Puma, kind of the cougars.

Om podcasten

Goop Tales is a children's story podcast that will ignite your imagination and take you to foreign lands and on spectacular adventures. Each tale is carefully designed to make the world around us come alive in unexpected ways. Every Goop has a naughty little character trait that gets them into trouble and sends them straight out of Goop World and into an adventure that takes place in a captivating faraway country where the starring Goop must learn to overcome their personal challenges in order to head home. Along the way children will learn fun facts and get introduced to foreign lands, animals and fun facts about the world around us. At the end of each story podcast, the listener is invited to visit GoopTales.com where they can view the photos that illustrate the story.