Torsdagar Gradient Dissent - A Machine Learning Podcast by W&B

Building powerful and intuitive data visualization tools with Vega-Lite's Dominik Moritz

av Gradient Dissent - A Machine Learning Podcast by W&B | Publicerades 3/25/2021

Dominik shares the story and principles behind Vega and Vega-Lite, and explains how visualization and machine learning help each other. --- Dominik is a co-author of Vega-Lite, a high-level visualization grammar for building interactive plots. He's also a professor at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and an ML researcher at Apple. Connect with Dominik Twitter: GitHub: Personal website: --- 0:00 Sneak peek, intro 1:15 What is Vega-Lite? 5:39 The grammar of graphics 9:00 Using visualizations creatively 11:36 Vega vs Vega-Lite 16:03 ggplot2 and machine learning 18:39 Voyager and the challenges of scale 24:54 Model explainability and visualizations 31:24 Underrated topics: constraints and visualization theory 34:38 The challenge of metrics in deployment 36:54 In between aggregate statistics and individual examples Links Discussed Vega-Lite: Data analysis and statistics: an expository overview (Tukey and Wilk, 1966): Slope chart / slope graph: Voyager: Draco: Check out the transcription and discover more awesome ML projects: --- Get our podcast on these platforms: Apple Podcasts:​ Spotify:​ Google:​ YouTube:​ Soundcloud: --- Join our community of ML practitioners where we host AMA's, share interesting projects and meet other people working in Deep Learning:​ Our gallery features curated machine learning reports by researchers exploring deep learning techniques, Kagglers showcasing winning models, and industry leaders sharing best practices:

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Brought to you by the folks at Weights & Biases, Gradient Dissent is a weekly machine learning podcast that takes you behind-the-scenes to learn how industry leaders are putting deep learning models in production at Facebook, Google, Lyft, OpenAI, Salesforce, iRobot, Stanford and more.