Graduate Recruiters Network (GRN) Masterclass Series

2: Skills Masterclass: Brains for BREXIT

av Graduate Recruiters Network (GRN) Masterclass Series | Publicerades 12/17/2018

Change is in the air! Not just with our relationship with Europe but on a much grander, macro-economic scale. Forces that are shaping our economy and ultimately our place within it are creating huge challenges as to how we proceed in the workplace. A huge topic to tackle but GRN members were guided through this maelstrom by the excellent Tim Skeet and his presentation entitled: Brains for BREXIT: Graduate skillsets your company need for a post-BREXIT world.

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Hello. Graduate Recruiters Network (GRN) was established by Dan Hawes, Co-Founder of the Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB) in 2009. GRN is designed as an invitation-only members group exclusively for clients of GRB and other carefully selected Graduate Recruiters, HR Advisors, HR Business Partners, Recruitment Managers, Recruitment Directors, Talent Partners and Talent Leads from a broad spectrum of companies and sectors across the UK and Europe. We have over 2,300 members. This informal group provides a confidential and relaxed environment to discuss current topics in graduate recruitment, share knowledge and help everyone reach their graduate recruitment goals. Every March, June, September and December we invite up to 30 members to a GRN Masterclass event in the City of London. We spend two hours hearing brief presentations from University Heads of Careers, researchers, thought leaders and practitioners and then spend the majority of the time discussing and debating the key issues.