Episode 56: Fred Biletnikoff

On the 56th episode of “Great Dane Nation,” Morten is joined by Raiders legend and Pro Football Hall of Fame brother Fred Biletnikoff (03:48 – 54:24). But first, he checks in with TommyFreezePops (Tom Carroll) for this week’s edition of the “Opening Kick” (01:02 – 03:43). After Justin Tucker made history on Sunday with his record-setting 66-yard field goal, Morten explains why Tucker is the greatest kicker in NFL history.We then move to our interview with Fred Biletnikoff, where he discusses a wide range of topics: the atmosphere in Las Vegas, why the team never felt at-home in Los Angeles, and trying to recreate the “Black Hole” at Allegiant Stadium (04:32); getting scolded by Pete Rozelle for smoking cigarettes on the sidelines while he was coaching (09:02); high praise for Darren Waller (10:41); why he believes the Raiders can win a Super Bowl with Derek Carr (11:47); some of his favorite Raiders on today’s team, and what the key to their success will be this season (13:19); being impressed with Vegas’ defense so far this season (14:45); insight into Jon Gruden, and what he thinks of the job he has done since returning to the NFL from the broadcast booth (16:32); what it was like to play for Coach Biletnikoff (18:05); why it was important for him to sign with the AFL’s Raiders instead of the NFL’s Lions (22:45); his first impressions of Al Davis, and how he’d describe the legendary owner to kids today that might not know who he is (24:49); the mentality that led to the Raiders of the 1970s to be feared league-wide (27:45); making the Hall-of-Fame-case for Daryle Lamonica, and how happy he was for Tom Flores getting inducted into Canton this summer (30:15); Kenny Stabler stories (33:30); why Tom Brady is the one quarterback playing today that he would have wanted to play with (37:06); absolutely roasting today’s NFL officiating (39:04); reminiscing about the late, great Bobby Bowden (41:18); spending his final season as a professional football player in the CFL (46:08); this week’s edition of “The Name Game,” featuring John Madden, Bill Walsh, Dave Casper, Ray Guy and Willie Brown (50:43); and proclaiming the 1970s Steelers as liars for not coming clean on the “Immaculate Reception” (54:03).Then we move to this week’s edition of “Morten’s Fast 5,” where our Hall of Famer makes picks for the five biggest games of the football weekend (55:12 – 01:02:19). Morten gives his picks for Buccaneers at Patriots (56:20), Cardinals at Rams (57:26), Raiders at Chargers (58:40), Ravens at Broncos (59:41), and Giants at Saints (01:00:48).Finally, “Morten’s Game Winner” returns – a weekly monologue from The Great Dane on his biggest takeaway of the week. This week, Morten talks about Fred Biletnikoff and the amazing Oakland Raiders of the 1970s (01:02:22).

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