The Big Lebowski (1998) ft. Shane Rogers

Dana and Tom welcome back Shane Rogers (Stand-Up Comedian ( and Host of Midnight Facts for Insomniacs) to discuss the cult-comedy, The Big Lebowski (1998): written and directed by Joel Coen, co-written by Ethan Coen, starring Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, John Turturro, Julianne Moore, and Sam Elliott.Plot Summary: Jeff Lebowski “the Dude” (Jeff Brides) lives a care-free life of pot smoking and bowling when he becomes the victim of mistaken identity. When home invaders realize their mistake, they leave the Dude’s apartment, but not before urinating on his living room rug. At the urging of his friends, Walter Sobchak (John Goodman) and Donny Kerabatsos (Steve Buscemi), he goes to see his wealthy namesake to get a replacement for his rug. The Dude soon finds himself embroiled in a story of extortion, double-cross, deception, embezzlement, and sex. Will the Dude be able to free himself from this mess and get back to the bowling alley?You can now follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok (@gmoatpodcast) or find our Facebook page at Greatest Movie of All-Time Podcast.For more on the episode, go to: the entire rankings list so far, go to:

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