Mindset Q&A - Crisis, Comparison, and Cultivation

Today is the first Q&A episode of the new iteration of the podcast, and I have to say that everyone who submitted questions via Instagram knocked it out of the park. Your questions were so thoughtful and piercing, and it has been a wonderful challenge, and also a joy, to put this episode together. Your questions were also so numerous that I’ve had to split them into two episodes - your more practical, efficient work-y questions will come another day, but today is all about mindset and the emotional experience of this thing.

Om Podcasten

Grow With Soul is the podcast for creative business owners and dreamers who want to grow soulfully, sustainably and slowly in their work and life. If you feel fear and overwhelm around the idea of marketing yourself, if you're tired of all the 'should dos' and 'guaranteed formulas for success', you've found a home here. Grow With Soul is hosted by Kayte Ferris, a creative business and marketing coach working with creatives to start and nourish businesses that are purposeful, wholehearted and balanced. Through solo shows, guest interviews and coaching episodes getting to the nub of real life business problems, this podcast will demonstrate that marketing can be something you love doing, that sustains your business and that fills up your soul.