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Grown Up Kids - Episode #66 - Miracle of the White Stallions

av Grown Up Kids: A Disney Podcast | Publicerades 1/20/2019

Join us in our discussion of the 1963 true story inspired film - Miracle of the White Stallions!   HUGE thank you to our guest hosts, Claire and Eddy, who saved this episode!   Welcome to Grown Up Kids! We post weekly podcasts that follow us on a watch of most of Walt’s films in chronological order. We hope you will subscribe to us and watch along! You can find us at the handles below: Instagram: @GrownUpKidsPod Facebook: Grown Up Kids: A Disney Podcast Want to support your favorite Disney podcast? Head on over to for exclusive and bonus content, giveaways, and more! Thanks so much for listening and don't forget that adults are only kids grown up anyway...

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Welcome to Grown Up Kids: A Disney Podcast! We will be doing a chronological viewing of Disney’s films from the 30’s until today. This includes animated, live action, hybrids and maybe a few sprinkled surprises in-between. We hope to dive into details of the films, history and fun facts about our favorite man Walt Disney himself.