Guinness World Records: Behind The Book

From goldfish to Mars bars: how eating records have changed

av Guinness World Records: Behind The Book | Publicerades 11/28/2019

One Sunday morning a woman went to hospital. She has abdominal pain, a swollen stomach and problems breathing. When the nurse asked the patient about her medical history, she found out that just hours earlier the 23-year-old had eaten 19 lb (8.5 kg) of food including 500 g of mushrooms, 226 g of steak and 681 g of “poorly cooked” liver. The total weight of food she’d consumed was heavier than a bowling ball.

Guinness World Records has monitored gastronomy - or eating – records since the first edition in 1955. But during the last 64 years they’ve changed substantially.

In this week’s episode of Guinness World Records: Behind The Book, Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday explains the evolution of these records and how people train for competitive eating..

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