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31 - Hacking Chinese Challenges - Building language skills through daily practice and friendly competition

av Hacking Chinese Podcast | Publicerades 3/8/2021

Have you ever felt that you lack focus, that you don't spend enough time studying, and that it would be cool to cooperate with others to learn more Chinese? The Hacking Chinese Challenges is for you. Link: Hacking Chinese Challenges (challenges.hackingchinese.com) More information and inspiration about learning and teaching Chinese can be found over at Hacking Chinese (www.hackingchinese.com) Music: "Traxis 1 ~ F. Benjamin" by Traxis, 2020 - Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (3.0)

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A podcast about how to learn Mandarin. In-depth discussions about how to overcome challenges, solve problems and get the most out of your learning. For more information and inspiration, visit https://www.hackingchinese.com!