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Hacking Growth


av Hacking Growth | Publicerades 1/14/2019

Now is the beginning of the year - the perfect time to set the goals for 2019! In this episode I talk about SMART goals and how to use them in your New Year goal setting.

In a nutshell SMART goals are:
- Specific
- Measurable
- Achievable
- Result-focused
- Time-bound

Hosted by Ruslan Galba, CEO @ Tegra, technical marketer and growth hacker. 

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Om Podcasten

Welcome to Hacking Growth, the podcast for do-ers delivered by a practitioner. Solid insights about entrepreneurship, branding, design, AI, growth and digital marketing in less than 10 minutes bites. Hosted by Ruslan Galba, founder and CEO of Tegra growth agency Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ruslangalba/support