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58 - Strip Club & A Banana

Jamil, Moe and their friends naively journey to the dark side of town to visit the legendary strip club. Little did they know that Jamil was going to confront a familiar face which lead to one of the most gangster moves of all time… involving a banana. Thank you to our sponsor, Storytel, which is an audiobook & e-book app with a huge collection of Arabic & English options. They’re offering all our Burger listeners a 30-Day FREE trial through the link below: Support us by trying it out and if you’re not satisfied simply unsubscribe. Storytel, the books you love, anytime, anywhere. Happy Listening Burgers! P.S. We are on Patreon! If you LOVE the Hamburger Generation then please consider supporting us for as little as $1 a month or claim awesome benefits starting from $5. HG Patreon Link: Every dollar contributed will go a long way at making us happy and at keeping the podcast sustainable.

Om Podcasten

Hamburger Generation (or as our parents call us – جيل الهمبرجر) is a podcast show full of light-hearted stories about the lives of 2nd generation Arab expats. Great Stories by Great Storytellers! “Hamburger Generation” or “جيل الهمبرجر” is a term coined by Arab elders to describe today’s spoiled and westernized Arab youth. We chose to embrace the term with humor as it playfully describes the Arab millennials. Brought to you by Jamil Adas & Isra Abu Zayed. Happy Listening Burgers!