Episode 19 - The Haunted London Underground

He quickly made his way up the stairs to the locked station gates....but there was nobody else there. He immediately radioed his colleague back in the CCTV room to report that he couldn't find the lady and that he must have, somehow, missed her. His colleague checked over one hundred cameras, but there was sight of her. This is Episode 19 of The Haunted UK Podcast, and in this episode, we're going to journey down into the depths of the London Underground. In 1863, a world first happened. A steam locomotive pulling gas lit wooden carriages travelled between Paddington and Farringdon. On its opening day, this train service transported an estimated 38,000 people between these two destinations, and proved so popular that other trains were taken from lines elsewhere to help cope with the demand. But what made this locomotive and it's carriages so special.....well this was the beginning of the now, world famous London Underground. Today, the London Underground transports around a billion passengers every year, and although the network now spans 11 lines, 272 stations and almost 250 miles of tunnels, it's an extremely safe mode of transport. Statistics suggest that for every 300 million journeys that are made on the tube network, only 1 fatal accident occurs. But 250 miles of tunnels would also suggest that workmen must have perished in the early years of construction. If you love the show and want more content, such as bite size bonus episodes, horror and paranormal movie reviews, chances to get your hands on exclusive Haunted UK Podcast Merch courtesy of CDS Print and Design, as well as a Free Haunted UK Podcast sticker, and more, then get yourself over to Ko-Fi and sign up to donate £3.00 per month. That's KO hyphen FI and the search for the Haunted UK Podcast....Ko-Fi, why not buy us one? And here's a shout out to two amazing people who've done just that - An huge thank you to both Kellie Lacey and Dianne Beal for your incredibly generous donations to the show....and after a 2 week delay due to COVID....we're back. Have you seen a ghost, witnessed poltergeist activity, had a strange, unexplained paranormal experience? Have you ever stayed in a haunted location, or experienced something frightening on a ghost tour. Ever better, do you live or work in a haunted house or building? Have you encountered or seen a UFO, heard a story about an unsolved disappearance or mystery, or have you been lucky enough to witness a strange, unknown creature? If you have, then your story could feature on Season 2's listener stories finale episode. Besides writing, recording, mixing and mastering this podcast, I also run a mixing and mastering studio called Pink Flamingo Music Productions. If you have a podcast or piece of music that you'd like mixing, mastering, or both, or if you'd like a piece of finished music written for a project that you're working on, then please email the studio with details of your enquiry to pinkflamingo.musicproductions@hotmail.com. That's pinkflamingo.musicproductions@hotmail.com. It's nowhere near as expensive as you'd think. This Podcast was recorded at Pink Flamingo Music Productions Studio in Halesowen in the West Midlands, England.

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