Episode 20 - Listener Stories - Volume 2

The response to Listener Stories Volume 1 was amazing, so a huge thank you those who sent in their stories and a huge thank you to all of you listeners out there for tuning in. So, we're back for a second and final helping of listeners stories with Volume 2, and this collection of tales from an amazing set of listeners, are truly fascinating. Now if you have a tale to tell of an experience which happened to you, a family member or a friend and you want to send it in, then don't panic. You have plenty of time before our Season 3 Finale which is scheduled (all being well) to run on the 23rd of December. This may change depending upon any specials which may be slotted into the schedule (and there are a few ideas rolling around regarding end of season, Halloween and Christmas specials), but I'll try to keep as close to the schedule as possible. So if you want to send in your stories for the Season 3 Listener Stories Finale, then email them to hauntedukpodcast@hotmail.com....that's hauntedukpodcast@hotmail.com. You can always ask to remain anonymous if this is something that worries you. Your identity and your story are treated with the utmost respect and privacy. There'll be another reminder near the end of this episode, but for now....sit tight, dim the lights...and let's begin. Have you seen a ghost, witnessed poltergeist activity, had a strange, unexplained paranormal experience? Have you ever stayed in a haunted location, or experienced something frightening on a ghost tour. Ever better, do you live or work in a haunted house or building? Have you encountered or seen a UFO, heard a story about an unsolved disappearance or mystery, or have you been lucky enough to witness a strange, unknown creature? If you have, then your story could feature on Season 3's listener stories finale episode. Simply type your story up and email it to hauntedukpodcast@hotmail.com, that's hauntedukpodcast@hotmail.com. It's easy to do, and if you like, you can remain anonymous. Huge thanks in advance to you all. Besides writing, recording, mixing and mastering this podcast, I also run a mixing and mastering studio called Pink Flamingo Music Productions. If you have a podcast or piece of music that you'd like mixing, mastering, or both, or if you'd like a piece of finished music written for a project that you're working on, then please email the studio with details of your enquiry to pinkflamingo.musicproductions@hotmail.com. That's pinkflamingo.musicproductions@hotmail.com. It's nowhere near as expensive as you'd think. This Podcast was recorded at Pink Flamingo Music Productions Studio in Halesowen in the West Midlands, England. Thank you all so much, again, for listening and we'll be back very soon with another episode...until then, stay safe and take care.

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A Podcast Showcasing and telling the stories of Ghosts, Poltergeists, UFO's, Strange Creatures, Mysterious Disappearances and other Paranormal Events from around the world. Every episode, we'll delve into the history and backstory of what makes these stories stick with us for so many years. So please remember, if you happen to visit any of the places in these episodes, just take a look around and pause for for a while, because the next person who might have an experience....could be you.