Special Announcement - Changes to the Format of the Show

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening wherever you are in the world. This is Steve from the Haunted UK Podcast with a special announcement regarding changes to the format of the show. Over the last 8 or so months, I've been recieving reviews and messages via email and Instagram with some amazing constructive comments regarding the shows current running format. Some listeners have expressed that there are too many advertisments, podcast promo's and plugs for donations to the shows Ko-Fi account. First of all, I'd like to thank you for all the kind words, and supportive messages...but also the criticisms. I think it's extremely important to try and listen to your audience as a whole and try your best to tweak your output to reflect the fact that you indeed take notice of the people who have put your podcast where it is today. As the saying goes...you can never please everyone all of the time, but I just wanted to release this announcement with details of changes which I've made to the show's format in the hope that it goes some way to making your listening experience that little bit better. Advertisements are part of monetary intake for any podcast, but I only choose to include one advert, and that is for CDS Print and Design. They have been with the show since the very beginning, and our working relationship is one that I wouldn't want to lose...so, for as long as possible, this will be the only advertisement that the podcast will entertain. Moving on to the Ko-Fi account. In the current financial climate, I am constantly overwhelmed that people donate to the show. My gratitude and thanks go beyond words, and I'm so immensely grateful to ALL the people who donate. As with many podcasts, donations help with the upkeep of things like equipment and other technology, but also for me, there is an end goal to make this show as good as humanly possible and to also be able to get to a point where maybe...just maybe, one day..I could be calling this podcast my full-time career. But as with the single advertisement, there will now only be one request for Ko-fi donations. Any people who do donate will still 100% have their well-deserved shoutouts on the main show. Another decision that I have chosen to take is to only include 1 podcast promo, and this will now appear at the end of the episode before the final theme music plays out. Again, over the course of approximately the last 12 months, a group of podcasters including myself came together to form the BooPod network. This collection of 14 podcast shows helps each other with promotional material to get their content out to new listeners. We also come together to release collaborative series such as the brilliant Bridgewater Triangle Halloween Special's, which ran all through October 2022. My commitment to the group is as strong as ever, but 2 podcast promos in one of my episodes does seem excessive, so this has been reduced to one. The biggest change to the Haunted UK Podcast episodes from now on though, will be that there will be absolutely no break in the main content topic of the show. Instead, all of you amazing listeners will now get this content fully uninterrupted. I'm really hoping that this change alone will help to reach back out there and bring listeners back who have maybe lost faith in the show. But this is also a message to all of you who already regularly listen, subscribe, follow, interact and donate to the show....and that message is thank you...this podcast would be nothing without any of you...and hopefully these changes will make your listening experience that little bit better. Thank you for listening, and I really hope that you'll be tuning in to the next episode....until then..stay safe and take care.

Om Podcasten

A Podcast Showcasing and telling the stories of Ghosts, Poltergeists, UFO's, Strange Creatures, Mysterious Disappearances and other Paranormal Events from around the world. Every episode, we'll delve into the history and backstory of what makes these stories stick with us for so many years. So please remember, if you happen to visit any of the places in these episodes, just take a look around and pause for for a while, because the next person who might have an experience....could be you.