Death is Not the End

av Haunted | Publicerades 11/14/2017

Did Neil's mother smash up his kitchen to tell him she'd passed away in hospital miles away? Did Julie's husband make an appearance at his own funeral and knock drinks over at the wake? Did Karen's friend help solve the mystery of her own demise with a message from beyond the grave? Many grieving people say that their deceased loved ones have made contact in unusual and unexpected ways. Is this a sign that the bonds of love are simply too strong to be broken even by death, or is the pain of loss at the root of such ghost sightings?

Om Podcasten

Do ghosts exist? If not, why do we see them? In each episode of the Haunted podcast Danny Robins looks at a real life ghost story in forensic detail trying to work out what really happened, with the help of experts, sceptics and the people who witnessed something they just can't explain. Danny visits a famous racetrack where drivers return from the dead; sees a suburban house haunted by a racist ex-tenant; talks to a widower who shares his bed with a phantom; and meets the parents who became convinced a ghost wanted to kill their baby daughter.