Knut Nystedt and Kaija Saariaho

Episode 5: Josh and Jon Do Scandinavia The guys barrel through pieces that set them afire for music when they were but mere youths.  Josh stumbles on the doctoral dissertation of one of his choral idols and Jon makes sure we all know the difference between Swedish and Norwegian metal. Featuring performances of Knut Nystedt's "O Crux" by the Norwegian Soloists' Choir (Nystedt's own!) and Kaija Saariaho's "Cendres" by Mikael Helasuvo, Anssi Karttunen, and Tuija Hakkila.

Om Podcasten

“Have You Heard This?” is an ongoing and informal discussion about music between two friends, choral composer Joshua Shank and electroacoustic composer Jon Fielder. With their shared sense of humor, Josh and Jon have been peacefully staring at each other from VERY opposite sides of the aesthetic spectrum for years, and have often wondered why other composers they’ve met in their journeys sometimes can’t do the same. Josh and Jon invite listeners to join them in talking about classical music they may or may not like…in a way they may or may not have talked about it before. Have you heard this?