Hay Festival Podcast

S1, Ep7 Matthew Francis and Daniel Hahn

av Hay Festival Podcast | Publicerades 5/14/2020

Matthew Francis’ re-telling of the first four stories of the Welsh classic The Mabinogi is the first to situate it in poetry, and captures the magic and strangeness of this medieval Celtic world. Permeating the whole sequence is a delight in the power of the imagination to transform human experience into works of tragedy, comedy and wonder. Chaired by Daniel Hahn. Francis’ new poetry collection WING is out now from Faber. The Hay Festival Podcast is supported by Baillie Gifford Investment Managers. Full-length Festival events can be watched over at hayfestival.org/hayplayer. Contact us at publicity@hayfestival.org or on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook @hayfestival. #ImagineTheWorld

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