Heavy Networking 471: Routing-Centric Transformation With Arrcus’s ArcOS (Sponsored)

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Avsnittet publicerades: 9/13/2019


Today’s Heavy Networking is a sponsored show with Arrcus. Their ArcOS network operating system takes a fresh approach to routing.
ArcOS is a 64-bit, Internet-scale, modular NOS that enables programmability and runs on a variety of OEM platforms and ASICs.
We’ll explore new features in ArcOS including a forthcoming analytics platform, support for 100G/400G ASICs, the startup’s latest funding round, and more.
Our guests are Keyur Patel, CTO and founder; and Murali Gandluru, VP of Product Management.
We discuss:

* ArcOS’s support for Broadcom’s Jericho2 ASIC
* New features available in Jericho2 that ArcOS leverages
* How ArcOS enables routing-centric transformation
* How ArcIQ Analytics ingests telemetry and provides real-time visibility, control, and security
* Arrcus’s $30 millions Series B funding round
* More

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