Heavy Networking from Packet Pushers

Heavy Networking 472: Grappling With Wireless QoS

av Heavy Networking from Packet Pushers | Publicerades 9/20/2019

If you are deploying an enterprise QoS scheme, wireless QoS matters to you.
Today, we go through the basics of wireless QoS, covering some of the standards, terminology, and thinking required to get your head around how we can prioritize packets over a shared medium.
You ready for this? I hope so. Our guest today is Ryan Adzima, and he agreed to make us smarter about this topic.
We discuss:

* The major use cases for wireless QoS
* Key wireless QoS standards, including 802.11e-2005 Wireless Multimedia Extensions
* Differences between Distributed Coordination Function (DCF) and Hybrid Coordination Function (HCF)
* How wireless QoS marking works
* More

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