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Heavy Networking 473: Synthetic Transactions, SD-WAN Readiness, And Internet Outage Autopsies With ThousandEyes (Sponsored)

av Heavy Networking from Packet Pushers | Publicerades 9/24/2019

Welcome to Heavy Networking, a uniquely nerdy podcast that puts the network at the center of the universe where it belongs.
Today is a sponsored show with ThousandEyes and we’re going to feast on a smorgasbord of topics: first, a new synthetic transaction monitoring tool from ThousandEyes.
Second, we’ll discuss why performance monitoring is critical to your SD-WAN readiness and ongoing operations.
Third, we’ll explore postmortems on a couple of 2019’s Internet outages, including a major route leak that affected CloudFlare, and what that means when you’re relying on the Internet for critical business applications.
Our guests from ThousandEyes are Alex Henthorn-Iwane, VP of Product Marketing; and Angelique Medina, Director of Product Marketing.
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