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Heavy Networking 474: Find Breaches With Continuous Monitoring From Open Systems (Sponsored)

av Heavy Networking from Packet Pushers | Publicerades 9/27/2019

I have worked with several intrusion detection and prevention systems going back a couple of decades or so.
The problem with them? Alarm floods. Never-ending updates. False positives. Mysteriously dropping legitimate traffic. Poor integration with firewalls. A lack of correlation with host logs. Old-school IDS/IPS just sucks.
“Old-school” is the keyword there. We’re going to discuss a different, modern approach with our sponsor, Open Systems.
The big idea is continuous monitoring, and in the Open Systems architecture, continuous monitoring expands on IDS/IPS to deliver a holistic, distributed security perspective.
Joining us is Dave Martin, Senior Director for Product Management of Threat Response within Open Systems.
Open Systems provides SD-WAN platform, but it also integrates a variety of security capabilities including firewalls, secure Web gateways, email protection, and intrusion detection. They also offer complementary services such as vulnerability management and assessment.
On today’s episode we focus on Open Systems’ continuous monitoring capabilities.
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