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Heavy Networking 476: Running ACI And NSX In The Same Data Center

av Heavy Networking from Packet Pushers | Publicerades 10/8/2019

Today on Heavy Networking, a network transformation. OK, that sounds like marketing, but it isn’t.
This is a discussion about a migration to Cisco ACI and VMware NSX technologies, paired with some automation, by a network engineer who was new to both products. It wasn’t all beers and cheers on the way to success. There were rocks and pitfalls.
Joining us for detailed conversation about running ACI and NSX in the same data center is Derek Wilson, a Principal Network Consultant at a big company you’ve heard of but we won’t mention.
We discuss:

* The impetus for a hardware refresh that led to ACI
* Why he chose a spine-leaf design
* How ACI simplified the physical infrastructure
* Why the organization chose NSX for the overlay
* How ACI and NSX interact (and don’t)
* The learning curves on each product
* How the team decided between Terraform and Ansible for automation tooling
* More

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