Heavy Networking 481: Enhancing Cloud Security With Network Detection And Response From ExtraHop (Sponsored)

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Today on Heavy Networking we talk security, both on premises and in the public cloud.
The network you build and run on premises and in the cloud are expressly designed to connect users and customers to applications and data, but they’re also a vehicle for malware, exploits, and intruders.
The network is being asked to do more filtering, more scanning, more blocking, more decision-making to try keep out the bad stuff, but we’ve also seen the limits of anti-virus, anti-malware, intrusion prevention, and Next-Gen Firewalls; even if these products are 99.999 percent effective, one mistake is all an attacker needs to get a toehold.
On today’s sponsored show we’re going to talk with ExtraHop about network detection and response (NDR), with a focus on public cloud. Our guest is ExtraHop founder and CTO Jesse Rothstein.
He’s here to talk about how NDR differs from prevention, how to use it in the cloud, ExtraHop’s ability to take advantage of native cloud traffic mirroring, and more.
We discuss:

* The shift in security from prevention to detection
* How to leverage the network as a source of ground truth for security investigations
* Getting useful visibility in hybrid environments
* The benefits of cloud-native traffic mirroring
* Dealing with information overload
* Behavioral modeling and analysis
* Traffic decryption challenges and solutions
* More

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