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Heavy Networking 482: Test Your Limits With The TRex OSS Traffic Generator

av Heavy Networking from Packet Pushers | Publicerades 11/1/2019

TRex is an open source traffic generator backed by Cisco. Joining us on Heavy Networking today is Hanoch Haim, Principal Engineer with Cisco, and the lead developer on the TRex project.
This is not a sponsored show. I heard about TRex from an audience member.
I thought it was a really interesting open source alternative to commercial traffic generators that cost six figures. I reached out to Hanoch, and he was kind enough to join me for this episode to talk about TRex.
We discuss:

* How TRex works
* Use cases for traffic generation in testing
* How to deploy TRex
* Performance limits
* Why Cisco put this project into open source instead of selling it
* More

Show Links:
TRex  – Cisco Systems
TRex Docs
TRex on GitHub
TRex Forum – Google Groups
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TRex: An Open Source Traffic Generator – YouTube
TRex as a stateful traffic generator – Cisco Presentation
TRex traffic generator from Userspace 2015 in Berlin – Slideshare
Adding stateless support to TRex – Slideshare
Adding stateless support to TRex (video from DPDK Project) – YouTube

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