Heavy Networking from Packet Pushers

Heavy Networking 486: Measuring Global Performance Of The Big 5 Cloud Providers (Sponsored)

av Heavy Networking from Packet Pushers | Publicerades 11/15/2019

Understanding how the Internet carries your traffic is no longer optional.
The Internet is much of your WAN, and the Internet can have problems just like any wide area network. Beyond the Internet, the public cloud providers have their own networks.
Guess what? You need to understand how those are behaving as well.
Sponsor ThousandEyes is here to explain how you can understand Internet performance more deeply. Before we get into that part of the discussion, we’ll review the data turned up by their research arm in the second annual Cloud Performance Benchmark report. The report covers AWS, Azure, GCP, AliCloud, and IBM.
That is, how do the  public clouds perform from a networking perspective? And what does that mean for you as you work with application architects placing workloads in the cloud?
Our guests are Archana Kesavan, Director, Product Marketing; and Angelique Medina, Director, Product Marketing at ThousandEyes.
We discuss:

* Why ThousandEyes decided to develop this annual report
* How it measures cloud provider performance
* What’s new in the second report, such as the inclusion of performance details on AliCloud and IBM
* Result highlights and comparisons of cloud performance across geographical regions
* The introduction of Internet Insights, a real-time view of global Internet health
* More

Show Links:
Cloud Performance Benchmark – ThousandEyes
Internet and Cloud Intelligence Research – ThousandEyes

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